Cameo Harlot At The Monkey House September 18, 2013

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had a great time seeing Cameo Harlot last night at The Monkey House. This time there was no opener. They took their time setting up, then Paul got up and played a solo song on the electric guitar. It was pretty cool, but soon after, the full band hit the stage and the rock began.

They are a four-piece with singer/guitar, guitar, bass, and drums. The songs are solid rock and roll with a Sergio Leone western sound mixed with punk fury and some progressive rock changes. Their songs are a bit of challenge to keep up with, but are a great ride if you put in the effort. At times the guitarists lock into synch for some intense rhythm action, or switch to lead with the harmony guitars reminding me of prime Iron Maiden.

With no opener, they played about a 90 minute set, and the tiny audience loved it all. They tossed in a song that keeps sounding like Now I Wanna Be Your Dog, that resolves into the Iggy. They played a cover of the Pirates Shaking All Over, and did a great job on Neil Young’s Fucking Up. Fun as the covers were, it was their material that grabbed me. I’m still learning their songs, and having a great time trying to figure them out. I’m not sure when they are playing next, this was their last Wednesday night residency, but when they do, I want to be there!

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