Benefit Show For Samuel Yager @ Club 242 Main

Samuel Yager was seriously injured in a bicycle accident a little over a month ago. He was very much a part of the music scene here in Burlington and his good friends in the bands Renfro, Wild Circles, Nautica, Bombardier to Pilot and Tyler Daniel Bean put on a show to help raise money for his recovery at Club 242 Main on Aug. 31.It was a huge success and the bands blew the lid off the joint. A big thank you to everyone who came out and showed their support. Tyler Daniel Bean informs me that Samuel has made some big improvements recently. He is in speech therapy and has also started to walk short distances on his own with almost no help. Keep up the good work!

Tyler Daniel BeanTyler Daniel Bean


Wild CirclesWild Circles


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All Photos By Morgan Day

Get well soon Samuel.