Metal Mondays LIVE on The Radiator... Meet Your Metal Masters!

Metal Monday hosts Jake & Matt Words & Photo by Kat Maguire.

Metal Monday, Nectar's longest residency, is now being broadcast live on the Radiator! Over two years hard work, originating from the brain of Matt Hagen, Metal Monday has become a full and consistently frequented event every week for many of Burlington's residents. It's usually the only night to see metal in Burlington, and thanks to the help of Jake Devries, Morgan Day and Brian Dewey, it can be heard on 105.9FM! Feeling like a shut-in? Broken foot? If any of these are the case, streaming it live from is always an option.

Since its beginnings in April of 2011, Metal Monday has grown to facilitate and welcome all types of metal, and all bands in every stage of their development and sound. Local Burlington and neighboring New Englanders frequent the stage amongst larger national and international acts like Napalm Death and Three Inches of Blood (credit metz). Anyone who had consistently attended these Mondays over the last two years would notice that it has grown epically into something very important and loved by a large population of Burlington.

"I couldn't thank Jake and Morgan enough for all their help and collective support this has facilitated." Says Hagen, the brain father and consistent nurturer of Metal Monday.

"Every Monday it's about pushing the perspective and breaking walls and stereotypes of metal. The group that frequents Metal Monday are the most genuine and nicest of people around."

Good job Metal Monday! The kids are on the air every Monday from 10 pm to Midnight.