Doll Fight! And Poxy At Radio Bean, August 21, 2013

Words by Tim Lewis.

I just got back from seeing Doll Fight! and Poxy at Radio Bean. Poxy are a trio with a woman bass player, woman singer/guitar and a guy on drums. The songs are punk and fast and full of fury. Every song was short, loud, aggressive, but had a sense of melody. I really liked them and will have to check them out again soon.

Doll Fight! followed. The Vermont riot girrrls released their new album, and played their final show. I thought it would be bittersweet, but once they started playing, it just rocked. They did blistering renditions of Morning Again and Insomnia. Everything else was tremendous too, but I did not know most of the songs. I think most were from the new album. The first few were longer and ground their way out, but as the set progressed, the songs became shorter and faster, if that’s possible. Their new drummer, Amanda, who played her first and last show with the band, pounded the drums to perfection. Kelly screamed out her lyrics and ripped it up on bass. Christine’s vocals were a bit low, but her voice was great and her guitar playing kept the songs flowing, and the room rocking. They ended the set with an ear-ringing Plastic Revolution, but got to play one more to rock out the night. 

I’m excited to see what Kelly and Amanda do in the future, and will really miss Doll Fight!, but am thrilled that I got to see them as many times as I did.

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