Local Artists Light Up Champlain Valley Fair

Big Heavy World and the Champlain Valley Fair proudly present an all-Vermont showcase concert series, August 24-31 in the Vermont State Building on the Champlain Valley Fairgrounds. Concerts by each artist are at noon, 2pm, and 5pm each day, are all-ages,  and admission is included with the cost to enter the Fair! Mark Lavoie

Sat. 8/24 Mark Lavoie http://us.playhohner.com/artists/mark-lavoie For more than 30 years Mark Lavoie has been performing for crowds both large and small. His passion for and commitment to music, particularly blues harmonica, is admired by the many musicians who have played with him. Mark enjoys spreading the word about harmonica music and is an active member of national groups working to preserve and promote the harmonica as an accessible, inexpensive instrument. Mark had the opportunity to travel and perform with Sonny Terry, harmonica virtuoso and half of the popular duo Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee, during the ‘70s. Mark has recorded with many Vermont musicians, from John Gailmor to Big Joe Burrell. He is part of a duo, Cooper and Lavoie, who play regularly at special events, clubs, and ski areas throughout Vermont. He has recorded most recently with Warner Brothers recording artist Bill Sims, Jr. Bill and Mark have performed together at blues festivals and clubs for the past three years. During his live, all ages show Mark plays and sings traditional blues and demonstrates how to play simple chords on the 10 hole diatonic harmonica. Most people have a harmonica somewhere in the back of a drawer and Mark’s show often inspires audience members to go home, dig out their harmonica, and give it a try. One of Mark’s favorite activities is instructing groups of students, young and old, in harmonica. He has given lessons in a small private school, college classroom, and for a high school music class. These instructional workshops can take place during one day or for a series of days. Mark is a Hohner harmonica endorsee and is able to get discount rates on harmonicas for group instruction. Join the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/402698763168568/

Tim Brick

Sun. 8/25 Tim Brick http://www.timbrickmusic.com Singer, songwriter, guitarist, band leader and all-around working man are just some of the words used to describe Tim Brick. Holding down a 40 hour a week job by day and entertaining audiences by night, Tim knows all about the struggle of hard times while working hard to achieve one’s dreams. Born the son of a hard living long distance trucker, Tim’s music reflects a soulful edge that isn’t afraid to get rowdy, while at the same time is tempered by a surprising vulnerability. Standing on the stage since the early age of twelve, Tim is right at home entertaining audiences. His ability to engage the audience and draw them into his songs is what separates him from the average entertainer. Raw, real, genuine and honest to the core, that’s what Tim and his music are all about. Though unwilling to ever shy away from his blue collar roots, the dream remains… to one day punch that clock one final time and pursue his passion for music full time.

Rik Palieri

Mon. 8/26 Rik Palieri http://banjo.net Rik Palieri (Hinesburg) is a singer-songwriter performing both original and traditional songs on a variety of instruments, including banjo, guitar, mouth bow, Native American flute, and Polish bagpipes. Rik is author of the book The Road Is My Mistress: Tales of a Roustabout Songster and producer of “The Song Writer’s Notebook “, a TV show which is now archived in the new Rik Palieri Collection in The Library of Congress. Rik has eight CDs and was recently featured on the Grammy nominated Singing Through The Hard Times: a tribute to Utah Phillips. Join the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/514944671908222/

Hana Zara

Tue. 8/27 Hana Zara reverbnation.com/hanazaramusic Hana Zara is a Nebraska native and Burlington transplant. Her latest album, 'Tatterhood,' received rave reviews from Arts Riot and Seven Days. First hand testimony about Hana’s live show: ”I suppose Bob Dylan had a first gig somewhere. I don’t know where but I would imagine that if we could crawl into a time capsule and travel back to that moment it would be one to savor, or maybe Leonard Cohen…the music that had a real message, poetry that evoked something inside and stirred up the spirit. This is what I observed on Thursday night at Cafe Vivaldi listening to Hana Zara perform her first bonafide gig in NYC. While I really wanted to stand up and say to the audience… you are witnessing the beginning of what I truly in my heart think is a momentous occasion….the birth of a real artist. And so amidst the chatter and sound of plates clanking she took a sip of water, lifted her guitar and quickly tested her starting note. The sound of her voice has a vulnerable lilting quality with an airy kind of tone. You might be inclined to close your eyes to just listen but you will not because there is a sweet kind of self conscious shyness rolled up into a street smart gypsy. She paints her lyrics. I imagine what might happen with this career and only hope that she remains true to the exquisite essence of her unplugged self. Standing up there alone is perfection. She is a little dark jewel. I am really looking forward to her CD.”  -Kathy Ingraham (singer and composer for film, TV Commercials, Records- Warner, RCA, Arista, Epic, AVI). Join the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/505095916246629/

Pete & Rose

Wed. 8/28 Pete Sutherland & Rose Diamond http://www.epactmusic.com Champlain Valley born-and-raised, Pete Sutherland and Rose Diamond (aka Karen Sutherland) are twenty-five-year-plus veterans of the New England and national folk scenes. They are known for their wide knowledge of traditional music and music-making styles, their songwriting talents and their joy of performing for and with listening and dancing audiences of every description. At schools, libraries, dances, festivals and celebrations and in their commitment to rooting out the best of the old and injecting their own sensibilities as well, Pete and Rose represent the living folk tradition -- links in the endless chain of people making music that breathes and dances in their own rhythm, that tells their own stories. Join the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/348509585279763/

Joe and Laura

Thu. 8/29 Laura Heaberlin & Joe Adler http://lauraheaberlin.comhttp://www.reverbnation.com/joeadler While one was born in the hustle and bustle of DC and one was born in the quiet hum of rural Vermont, Joe Adler and Laura Heaberlin come together to form a downright magical duo. With Adler’s rumbling cowboy melodies, and Heaberlin’s sprite-like harmonies, this Burlington-based musical act will make you laugh and cry with songs about love, idolatry, ghosts, birds, self-discovery, myth, and brotherhood. Come ready for insightful lyrics, dexterous guitar parts, and entertaining stories. Join the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1374711519425988/

Joshua Glass

Fri. 8/30 Joshua Glass http://joshuaglass.com Joshua Glass is a singer/songwriter from Burlington, Vermont who has been steadily gaining praise for his unique musical stylings, impassioned live performances, countless collaborations with other musicians, and busy schedule---playing nearly 100 shows in 2012 alone. "Glass' voice is reminiscent to Paul McCartney's, as is his pop-influenced songwriting", writes The Vermont Cynic. "While he is a proficient guitar player, the piano is clearly Glass' home. He constantly toys, smiles and rocks out on his 88 keys. His catchy—but not too catchy—lyrics and melodies keep the mood light and the atmosphere enjoyable." Embracing a "pop sensibility and improvisational style reminiscent of Allen Toussaint" (Burlington City Arts), Joshua, 27, labels his own work as "manic-depressive piano pop"---a blend of blue-eyed soul and handclap-heavy rock, tied together by his haunting and soulful vocals. Utilizing a distinct rhythmic, orchestral approach, which Seven Days' Henry Soule describes as "coming close to the aural equivalent of imbibing whiskey", Glass regularly exhibits his craft as a solo performer, with folk-duo Sunrise Speakeasy, improv trio Women Be Shoppin'', and full band Joshua Glass & The Mood Stabilizers. In addition to his solo work, Joshua remains active as a backing/session musician, joining the likes of Justin Levinson & The Valcours, The Beerworth Sisters, Set Up City, Myra Flynn, Quiet Lion, Aaron Flinn, and others. For his contributions to the musical community, Joshua was voted by readers of prestigious newspaper Seven Days as Vermont's "Best Side Musician" of 2011. Joshua Glass is currently in the process of recording an album of all-original material titled "Sidetracked, Baby". Describing his upcoming debut as a record about "being crazy, in love, and crazy in love", Glass is aiming for a 2013 release date---and staying busy every step of the way. Join the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/1381506718743793/

Awkward Teen Jazz Band

8/31 Awkward Teen Jazz http://www.reverbnation.com/teenjazzbandawkward Awkward formed in April for a Youth Arts Forum Benefit Concert to raise money for Cystic Fibrosis, after seeing the amazing crowd support they received they decided to spend their summer touring New England. Awkward has been fortunate enough to play at Slate in New York City, Tupelo Music Hall in Londonderry, NH , The Sad Café in Plaistow, NH and many other venues for large and small audiences. They have worked hard and raised a lot of money for some great causes.Join the event on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/157850177744285/

Keeghan Nolan

9/1 Keeghan Nolan http://www.reverbnation.com/keeghannolan Throw Country, Rock and Blues together and there you have her  Keeghan Nolan. Keeghan is 20 yrs old , Vermont born and raised and is from  a small town not far from the Canadian Border.  She grew up listening to country music and started performing on stage when she was 12 yrs old .She  now writes her own music and enjoys playing out with  her band . Keeghan  travels to Florida and Nashville performing at  many Venues , Festivals , County Fairs and Benefits. She has opened for many National acts such as Craig Morgan, David Alan Coe, Jimmy Wayne,  Chris Young, Love & Theft, Clay Walker, Aaron Tippin, Jeff Bates and in November will be opening for John Michael Montgomery at the Memorial Auditorium.

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