Let the Streaming Begin: New Servers, Workstations From Google, BHW Music Office Gets Tech Overhaul

Google Hardware & BHW Engineers Big Heavy World, a volunteer-staffed nonprofit dedicated to preserving and promoting Vermont-made music, announced today that they will host weekly live music broadcasts in Burlington. The first two initial venues Big Heavy World will broadcast from are Nectar’s and Radio Bean.

"As a grassroots organization, Big Heavy World is always looking for creative ideas that will serve Vermont’s musicians and our mission," said Big Heavy World Executive Director James Lockridge. "This is a great opportunity to bring Vermont-made music to new audiences and contribute meaningfully to our community."

For 17 years, Big Heavy World has used digital methods to preserve and store Vermont music. The organization’s volunteers have largely been youth with a passion for music, technology or both.

Big Heavy World also runs The Radiator (WOMM-LP 105.9FM) a radio station with the goals of fostering community awareness and civic engagement, encouraging the creative public of the Burlington area and providing a platform for multigenerational technical education.

The live broadcasts mean that not only will music fans be able to access homegrown Vermont music, but will also be able to capture some of the electricity, thrill and fun of a live show. Broadcasting live music will serve both listeners as well as musicians as they broaden audiences for instate performers.

“This initiative will help all Vermonters enjoy the vibrant music scene here in Burlington – even from a mountaintop in the Northeast Kingdom.”

The weekly live broadcasts will be partly possible with a equipment donation by Google and will take place from 10:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m., at Nectar’s on Mondays and Radio Bean on Fridays and Saturdays.

“The new equipment makes an enormous difference,” said Lockridge. “Our model has always been to do a lot with a little, but our old server racks and single laptop couldn’t handle streaming video, or properly archiving photos. The donation from Google really enables us to take some substantial next steps in our mission.”

“Big Heavy World is a wonderful organization,” said Google Head of Community Affairs Matt Dunne. “They have been bringing together local artists and technology since 1996. Google recognized that with some new equipment they could really ramp up their efforts and bring serious benefits to music fans and artists, not just through live broadcasting, but also through archiving Vermont music and providing serious resources to all artists.”

Photo: BHW Engineers Mark Carrassi & Brian Dewey with some of the new Google hardware.