Big Heavy World Invites Programming and I.T. Volunteers

Big Heavy World welcomes skilled programmers to help rebuild our music office web site as part of the new Code for BTV civic hacking group. Found Line and Big Heavy World established Code for BTV to connect programming talent with coding projects that make government transparent, repurpose open source software for local use, and to build new non-commercial applications that benefit Burlington and Vermont. It's a local Code for America group, New applications for Big Heavy World's web site are coming along - an interactive directory of Vermont's live music venues and public forum are nearly complete. Many more are in line to get built, and a complete redesign of the site is in the works. Help give Vermont the tech-heavy, volunteer-run music office it deserves! See for info about the monthly meetups. A recent gift of servers by Google has also opened up many new avenues of advancement and we could use skilled I.T. help at the office on College Street to get one of the servers configured for internal administrative use. Please get in touch any time to explore volunteering,