Party With Lots Of Bands At Max’s House July 13, 2013

Words by Tim Lewis.

What a great night (and morning) of music at Max’ last rock dungeon party yesterday. Nathan Curtis, his girlfriend Hillary, I and grabbed some food, went to Max’s and grilled it up. It was fun to chat with all of the cool people, but then the music started. Torpedo Rodeo started the night with a bunch of huge epic songs. Max played some intense lead guitar and it was glorious.

Up next, Night Slice, a bass and singer/keyboard player from Boston were pretty cool. The keyboard sound was more of an ’80’s sound and the bass was dirty and heavy. Their songs rocked nicely. Earlier, Birdie was saying she should sing in an Iron Maiden cover band and launched into the opening of Hallowed Be Thy Name. She’d be great. There was no Maiden in the set, but they closed with a rousing version of BOC’s Godzilla.  Here is a Video, I love the Oh No, Torpedo Rodeo, go go Godzilla

Up next, Nuda Veritas used loops to create elegant sonic backdrops, and unleashed her powerhouse voice. She is such a great singer, and her set was enchanting.  She played a lot of guitar that night.

Black Rabbit came on next and ripped up the joint with their heavy fast punk rock. Songs like Tibbar Tibbar and Neutrino were great, and the audience was rocking hard. Sorry there are no pics or video, but most of these are from Marc Scarano, and he was really busy playing at the time.  Oh wait, now there is video:

Kiki’s Lost Nation were supposed to be next, but apparently they have rearranged the band. The new singer is Aurora and the band is Aurorasaurus Rex. Her voice was powerful and enthusiastic. The drummer was a monster and even had a short drum solo in the middle of the set. Christopher Dorian Alley played some heavy rock guitar, and I really liked their show.

Instead of closing the night, Rough Francis played next and I loved them. I’ve only caught them once, but am now upset I have not caught them more. Maybe it was the way the sound bounces in the rock wall basement, but they sounded extra heavy and rocking. Both guitar players were blisteringly fast. The bass held it all together and the drummer was a madman. He was all over the place and just pushed the songs harder and harder. Bobby Hackney, Jr was a great singer and front man. The show was nothing but fun.  Here’s a video:

Wave of the future followed with some heavy joyous funk rock. They pounded the stage with furious energy, and kept the audience dancing. The last time I saw them, I liked them, but wasn’t amazed. Last night, they were stunning. Tim was pretty ferocious on guitar, and at the end of the set, he and the drummer kept jamming for a bit.  You can check them out here:

When they wrapped it up, the drummer stayed and Max and JLoo took the stage. Rawsome played a couple of the boy girl back an forth songs, and a couple of wicked rockers. Seeing and hearing Jessy scream into the mic like a madwoman was glorious.

When they wrapped up, I looked at the clock. It said 3:55. We said some extended goodbyes and headed for home. I dropped really quick, and now am up and ready to face another work day. Good thing I requested to go in a bit late today!

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