Kepi Ghoulie, Dog Party, Trapper Keeper And Be Aggressive At The Monkey House June 26, 2013

Words by Tim Lewis.

I just got back from seeing and hearing some nicely intense guitar rock at the Monkey House. Be Aggressive, from White River, were a three piece, guitar, bass, drum. The drummer had a small kit and a small Mohawk, and furiously kept the beat with subtle finesse. The bass player ran the frets fervently, and kept the songs together. The guitar player tossed in a few chords towards the rhythm, then lit out on yet another lead. I really liked them and need to check them out again.

Next up was the band I’ve been wanting to see for ages. Trapper Keeper played fast and loud and the songs had a huge amount of power to them. Their set was short and sweet and each song was a wonderful sonic barrage.

Up next was Dog Party. They are two young girls (black X’s on the hands, so under 21) from California. The guitarist/singer and drummer/singer had nice harmonies over the Ramonesish rock and roll. All the songs were good, and the music was fast and solid.

The headliner was a guy named Kepi Ghoulie and Dog Party were his back up band. He sang and played a not quite flying V bass. His songs were fast and fun, and the girls kept the music driving. I knew noting about him coming into the show, and loved every note. During the song Chupacabra, balloons began to fly in from the back of the club.  It added a bit of extra flair to the show, but it was the music that stole my heart.  They ended with a Chuck Berry song, but the way they played it, was more Ramones.

I’m so glad I put in the effort. There were quite a few people there, but it was nowhere near packed. I love that it is so easy to go out and find great music that you’ve never heard before.

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