Josh Panda & The Hot Damned Roll with HEAVY2 to The Rochester International Jazz Festival

"Josh Panda and the Hot Damed saddled up HEAVY2 for a roll west down I-90 to open the Rochester International Jazz Festival with none other than the night tripper himself, Dr. John. Great weather and great vibes made for a sea of people at the downtown Rochester main stage. Josh and the boys dug in deep for an hour and a half set of originals, and by all accounts gave the crowd what they came for, a belly full of soul. Now, as Dr. John is one of the band's biggest heros, it's not surprising that they chose this night to debut keyboardist Leon Campos's new extended keytar synth solo in the closing number, "She Couldn't Hold Me Down." The crowd swooned as Josh ran round to the piano and grabbed the reins as Leon rose to give 'em everything he had, in a 10 minute rendition of the tune. Even the great Doctor was impressed." Joshua Panda