New BHW Forum is LIVE... Thank You Code for BTV Programmers!

Code for BTV Meetup Today we got together at CCTV at a Code for BTV meetup, to continue the BHW projects started at the June 1 & 2 hackathon. And the news is, the new BHW public forum is LIVE at ! Code for BTV is Burlington's Code for America Brigade of volunteer programmers, coordinated by Big Heavy World and Found Line to bring volunteers together to work on civic hacking projects like making government data transparent and accessible, re-using open source software for local community projects, and building special projects like the new Big Heavy World web site (under construction!). Progress was made on the new version of BHW's online Vermont live music venue directory, too, a model for updating the other directories (band guide, record stores, studios, etc.). Thank you Ben, Aaron, Nick, Jessica and Brian for the ninja coding today! To join the Coe for BTV brigade, visit