Violette Ultraviolet, Persian Claws, And Barbacoa At Signal Kitchen June 19, 2013

Words by Tim Lewis.

I just got back from seeing music at Signal Kitchen. Violette Untraviolet were on when I walked in.  They had a nice, waves building and crashing, rock set. The drummer kicked it hard, with hair in a bun, tattooed arms, and a sleeveless Black Sabbath t-shirt.  The bass player, and singer/guitar player had the sound locked in and rode thewaves, wherever they went.  The lead guitar player had a nice feel for where to put the notes.  The band were quite fun to listen to.  I’d love to see them again.  They had a couple of CD’s to hand out, so I got one, and played the song Confession on my radio show the next night.

Persian Claws were a challenge to keep up with, but lots of fun. It sounded easy to dance to, but really wasn’t. Bill Mullins Jr. kept the guitar running through an oddly pleasant voyage of notes and chords.  Kirk Flannagan and Jeremy Fredricks drove the songs home.  Adam Wood’s keys were low in the mix, but rounded out the sound.  Dee sang delightfully tantalizing, and the show just rocked. They were pretty wonderful.

Barbacoa was the same band as PC without Dee on vocals. They played a great set of instrumental surf rock songs and nailed the ending with Paint It Black. The audience demanded another and they obliged. Thanks for a wonderful night of music everyone.

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