May The Fourth Be With You At Max’s Basement May 4, 2013 With Great Western, Dr Green, Spririt Animal, Vedora, Black Rabbit And Rawsome

Words by Tim Lewis.

I only made it to one of the two shows I wanted to see last night. I got out of work just after 7 (on about 5 hours sleep) and met up with Nathan Curtis around 9. We headed over to the rock dungeon at Max Krauss’ house just as Great Western started to play. Their song structures had a bit of country, but the songs rocked! Ripping solos, lush keys, interesting rhythms, they were really good.

Next up Dr Green played a rocking set. They were a bit more straight-forward than Western, but played solid joyful rock and roll. Max joined them on guitar for a couple of songs.

Next up Spirit Animal were less indie than I expected, and a bit more metal. They had a bit of a Stellastar bounce to the songs, but the twin guitars kept things heavy and rocking.

Vedora came on next, and it was getting difficult to stand. Body sooo tired. They played a killer set of very new material. They played Promises and Terrarium, and tossed in the Hank Williams cover of Lost Highway. They have been playing Sober for a few months now, but the rest of the set was newer than that. It all sounded great. Great pop hooks, and solid rock and roll.

After that, I was done. The body wanted to crash so hard. Nathan talked me into waiting for a bit, then Black Rabbit started to play. I’m not sure how I was standing, but they ripped through a blistering rock set. Marc Scarano ripped it up on guitar, while the rhythm section drove the songs home. The cover of Chinese Rock was fun, but it was their songs that stole the show. I had a great time! After that, there was just Rawsome left to play. It was 1:36 and I convinced Nathan to leave. I needed to take the go to bed at 2 option over the go to bed at 3 option. I’m sorry I missed them, but had nothing left at that point. Nathan drove me back, and I was asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. I have eight hours of work today, then I may be able to get some real rest tonight.

Here’s a video of Black Rabbit

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