New BHW Crew: Scott Dean, Accounting Hellion

Scott Dean Photo by Lily Chau.

"Hi, my name is Scott Dean. I am a junior at Champlain College studying for my bachelor’s degree in accounting. I have always been a lover of music, and began playing at age 13. I picked up bass guitar to join my friends band, and we performed together until my graduation from high school in 2009. While playing with my band in high school, I also developed an interest in playing drums and vocals, joining the chamber choir and performing in New York City and Baltimore. Lately, I have been getting more interested in electronic music production, and have been working on releasing an album of instrumental hip-hop music.

I’m with Big Heavy World for a few different reasons. I am interested in working alongside other music lovers while also learning more about how a non-profit business operates. I would love to work for a non-profit after graduation and this is an excellent opportunity to learn about the intricacies of running a non-profit organization, as well as how they interact with and serve the community that they operate in."

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