Vedora At Nectars March 28, 2013

Words by Tim Lewis.

It was a lovely walk downtown on a Thursday night. I went to the WBKM studio and did my radio show from 9-10pm. I played a bunch of great music, including Basalt Anchor, then ducked over to Nectar’s to catch Vedora. They were a bit slow to get started, but that gave me a chance to chat with drummer Jeff LaBossiere, so that was cool. Soon enough they called him to the stage.

Vedora opened with a hard rocking Promises and played like crazy. Basalt was fun, and Caroline O’Connor’s voice was sweet and strong. Get On Board had a nice funk groove with enough rock to keep it fun. The Hank Williams cover of Lost Highway, that a friend of theirs arranged as a rock tune, was smoking hot. The Caroline O’Connor on guitar set sizzled. By the end of Solution they were ripping it up. Ritual had me soaring. The second half of To Send You was over the top, and I was nearly in a frenzy. They switched back to the regular line up for Sober. Matt Hastings tore it up on guitar at the end. He elicited a beautiful feedback from his amp, as the reverb soaked rocker, crashed into its conclusion. Dragnet was magnificently intense,and really, can you ask more from a rock and roll band? . They were amazing!. They followed with another full throttle rocker then closed with In the Pines>The Chain.

I hung out for Daphne Lee Martin and they started with a tight bluesish dance groove. It was OK then the guitar took off. He rocked it hard, then brought the song back to the groove. The second song had a bit of the same feel. It was good, but they could do so much more with it. I made it to the third song, then ducked out.

I left my coat and backpack at the station, so I went back to the studio to grab it. I hopped on to the computer and tossed In the Pines, then The Chain into the queue. The walk home was lovely. Thanks for rocking so hard Vedora!

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