New BHW Writer: Kate Rielly

Kate Rielly Photo by Lily Chau.

"My name is Kate and I’m a senior at Colchester High School. I joined Big Heavy World as a writer because I wanted to gain experience and delve deeper into the Vermont music scene.  Music is an extremely important aspect of my life; whether I’m listening to the radio, a CD, or trying to figure out the latest Mumford & Sons song on the guitar, music has always been my happy place.  I've spent many, many evenings at Higher Ground and lost several hours of sleep due to late-night live shows, but hey, who needs sleep anyways? If I’m not in class, doing homework, or participating in my school’s theatre company, you can generally find me curled up on the couch re-reading one of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s 56 Sherlock Holmes stories or re-watching an episode of BBC’s Sherlock.  For the twelfth time. It’s not an obsession, I promise!"

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