Radio Show 2 Thursday March 7, 2013 9-10pm Eastern US Time WBKM.ORG

Words by Tim Lewis.

I just got home from radio show number two at WBKM. It felt a bit smoother, but I have a ways to go. I’ll get there. Tonight I played:


From Our small city to the great big world, these are the sounds of Burlington. …

1.) Pretty Girls – Phil Yates and the Affiliates

2.) Until the Day I Die – Slingshot Dakota

3.) Counting Pennies – Sarah Emily Blacker

Break – Talked about seeing Sarah at Red Square, how much I love Slingshot, then said the next set would rock a bit.

4.) Morning Again – Doll Fight!

5.) Burn – The Dirty Blondes

6.) Lunacy – Cave Bees

7.) Vicarious – Alice Austin

Break – Talked a bit about how when I needed a band to rock out to, Zola Turn were there for so long, then the transition through Queen Tangerine, Lavas and Alice’s solo album To A Star in the Yard. Talked about rocking to Cave Bees and hoping they will soon be back from Texas, Talked about seeing Streetfight, I mean the Dirty Blondes, and talked about how lucky I am to get to see Doll Fight! so many times lately. I said it was Dan MacDonald’s birthday and dedicated the next song to him

8.) Geograph – Elephants of Scotland

9.) You Can Love if You Want To – The Velvet Ovum  Band

Break – Talked about the joy of seeing a stack of Peg Tassey CD’s on the desk when I walked into the studio this evening, and how much I’ve loved her voice over the years. I talked about Elephants playing a show March 30 (I hope I got it right) at Bar Antidote in Vergennes. I talked about meeting a guy through work who played in a band and going to see the band and having a great song by them to play.

10.) Chester Allen – The World Famous Hanglows

11.) California’s Burning – Thompson Gunner

12.) Something That I Drew – Farm

13.) Promises – Vedora

Final Break – Talked about how last time I said I’d be playing a lot of music from those bands, and I keep my promises. Saw Vedora at Manhattan Pizza the other week. Talked about seeing Farm for the first time and how great they are. Said they had a 4th album out so here is one from the first (though not as eloquently). Talked about playing Split Tongue Crow last time and that some of the guys are in Thompson Gunner. Mentioned Chester again. I talked about Dino Bravo coming up Saturday at Nectar’s


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