Snapshot From Tonight’s Show

Words by Tim Lewis.

I just got home from seeing Sarah Emily Blacker. She, with band, played a bunch of fun covers and a slew of beautiful songs that grew out of her heart and into our ears. I’m blanking on the guitar player’s name, but he added sonic color to her songs, and had a few gentle sweet leads. They played a couple of his songs. The structures were fun, but not challenging as captures me, but the lyrics were fascinatingly quirky. I really liked a couple of his phrase turnings, but they have escaped me. Ahh, live music. In many ways, it only exists in the moment.

The Crazy cover was pretty sweet, but it was Sarah’s songs that took the night. Counting Pennies, Bad I Been, Come What May, Shining Giant (which freaking soared in ways too gentle to define), and the favorite of us long hairs, These Summer Nights completely rocked the place. Granted, it was Red Square but a lot of people were listening, respectful, rowdy, and mostly not interfering with the music. I was worried when I waled in, but it turned out OK. It probably turned our OK, because Sarah played fantastically and her band were with her note for note.

It’s weird. I’ve been listening to a lot of music lately, new and old. After the punk of Doll Fight!, the elegant passion of Vedora, the rising and setting tide of Swale, the interstellar voyages of Elephants of Scotland, and so much more, how could a simple singer songwriter, and beautiful band, stand up to all that. The answer is, I don’t know, but she did. And, they rocked the place.

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