First Radio Show On WBKM Tonight

Words by Tim Lewis.

I survived my first night on the air at WBKM. I was on from 9-10pm this evening and played an hour of local music:

Vedora – Terrarium

Fire the Cannons -Nowhere Feels like Home

Ninja Custodian – Las Vegas


The Cush – Roll Me

Elephants of Scotland – Starboard


Swale – If you Get Lost

Dave David L. Jarvis – Sunflower Street

Sarah Emily Blacker – These Summer Nights


Split Tongue Crow – No Reservations

Lendway – Hollywood

Farm – Extended Werewolf

I dedicated Hollywood to Matt Hagen and Daniel Bolles for being so nice to me lately, and want to thank all of the above for providing all the great music I was able to play.

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