A Wee Folkestra Quickie

Words by Tim Lewis.

I just got home from seeing the Wee Folkestra at Radio Bean. The place was packed and I felt like a musical sardine for the band who played when I walked in and for the Burlington Bread Boys who played with tons of gusto. Wee Folkestra was packed with musicians and opened with Oh, Mary (or is it Old Mary) then lit in with a ton of well played covers. Sitting on the Dock of the Bay sounded great. This Will Be the Last Time rocked hard. Werewolves of London was nothing but fun. Samara Lark Brown sang killer vocals and used the I’d like to meet his tailor line, as opposed to the JT line. Sweet Dreams was fun, and the full band version of Atlantic City was with me for the whole walk home. The had 3 electric guitars, Joe Adler on acoustic, a stand up bass player who was pretty locked in with Andrew on drums, a sweet accordion playerwho played in the background and never shone upfront but added a sweet layer to the whole evening, and the incomparable Johnnie Day Durand on saw. To be honest, I almost skipped the show, what with it being at midnight on a Tuesday (in my world) but I took a chance and they played great. Despite everything, I’m so glad I put the effort in to check them out!

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