Mustafa Barut Joins BHW Crew

Mustafa Barut "HELLO guys My name is Mustafa, and I  go to Edmund Middle School. I am in 8th grade and I like to volunteer everywhere that I can. But the best place I ever volunteer was the Big Heavy World because I volunteer at Big Heavy World is that I like to look and listen to  different people’s songs and learn how did they think of that song and why didn't they wanna to become a DJ.or other things like arts taking picture or making music. BHW is a free place to volunteer but if you volunteer there you need to do your best to keep that place good. You need to work hard and help the other member too if you're done with your job. Also everyone will do a project and it’s your job to finish it. You can come work whenever you want even in your weekends. If you volunteer at BHW you need to be there at 7:00pm every Tuesday and Wednesday it ends at 9:00pm. And also in Big Heavy World you can be a really good artist or a really good guitar player or a D.J you can make your own songs too."

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