Rocket Shop 1/16/2013: Lucid; Gang of Thieves

Lucid: Chris and Lowell at Big Heavy World Words by Mason Smith. Photos by Lily Chau.

Last Wednesday, Rocket Shop had Lucid and the Gang of Thieves in studio. More accurately, Rocket Shop had the Gang of Thieves on a long-distance phone call. This Burlington-based five piece has been making music since 2009 and touring for up to nine months per year since then. Currently on their Mothership Tour, this funky rock band will bring the party to any venue. Their style is the kind that fits perfectly everywhere from a dirty basement party, to a club, to a concert hall. The high-energy music features a fast-paced rhythm section, quirky guitar riffs, and hip-hop-infused vocals. Claimed influences such as Red Hot Chili Peppers and Rage Against the Machine are quite apparent.

For the crew’s extensive tour dates, videos, photos, and a bunch of other neat stuff, check out ‘Like’ them on Facebook and follow @GangOfThieves. Be sure to head down to Nectar’s night club this Saturday to see them perform live — because they won’t be in Burlington for a while after that.

After the Gang of Thieves’ half of Rocket Shop, Lucid entered the studio. This Plattsburgh-based six-piece is a standout in an arguably overpopulated genre. In its barebones form, Lucid is North Country Rock. But with the band’s additional feels (funk, jazz, blues, reggae, folk, and occasionally trance), it rises above the competition. Since Lucid’s formation in 2003, the sextet has gained a strong youthful following and has toured New England and New York. The unique blend of acoustic guitar, electric bass, harmonica, assorted percussion, tight harmonies, and outstanding live performances leave the listener fulfilled and satisfied.

Lucid won’t be in Burlington for a while, but catch them at Jay Peak on the 26th. Visit for tour dates and other neat things. ‘Like’ on Facebook ( And check out their YouTube channel to see what all the fuss is about (!


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