Citizen Bare On The TAz Michaels Show

Citizen Bare Words by Mason Smith. Photo by James Lockridge.

Citizen Bare joined Shannon and TAz on the TAz Michaels show tonight.

Last week, the Radiator had Citizen Bare on air. The dynamic five-piece can be defined most simply as Americana Rock, but it doesn’t need to be that easy. Frequently the guitar riffs come with a country twang, folk influences are apparent, and really anything from blues to hip-hop finds its way in at one time or another. Citizen Bare has spent time experimenting in the Nashville, Kentucky and Belfast, Ireland music scenes. This adds a seasoned and worldly aspect to their music that you just don’t get with every local band. Although there are five members in the band and they are all full-time participants, some of their songs are duets, according to the band. Sometimes Citizen Bare does a track where one of the male vocalists will sing a verse, Elizabeth (vocalist and keyboard player) will take the next, and then they will come together for a harmonious chorus. This “duet” occurs with the rest of the band playing their usual instruments for accompaniment. Even during these songs, however, it is clear that every band member is valued equally, and a duet doesn’t exclude anybody.

That mentality compliments what the band stands for, in regards to their motto which “highlights an expression of social justice and the human experience.” They have a peaceful outlook on the world we live in and life itself. These topics are abundant in Citizen Bare’s lyrics.

This Jericho, VT-based group has been playing around the Burlington area for the last five years. They’ve rocked the Monkey House, UVM, the Radio Bean, the Art Hop, and various charity events as well. You can catch Citizen Bare in North Woodstock on December 14th and at Metronome on the 27th., Citizen Bare on Facebook, and @CitizenBare on Twitter.