Exit Poll 2012 At Club Metronome November 6, 2012

Words by Tim Lewis.

Yesterday was a long happy day. The show was set for 6. I got there at 6:30 and was the only one there. I hung out and chatted with Rebecca Rogers for a bit. The first act, Mitt’s 47, cancelled, so the show did not start until 8.

James Kochalka Superstar went on, and while not my favorite, the show was fun and the band was fantastic. Eric Olsenon bass, Jeremy Fredrick on drums, Jason Cooley on guitar and Creston Lea playing lead guitar. They even played a classic punk song that I did not know, and James could not remember the lyrics for. Cooley sang the verses and Kochalka the chorus. It was pretty sweet.

Off to the other room to watch election returns. Wait, what’s that noise, another band starting?

Before the Blondes hit the stage they had a guy sing a very strong version of our National Anthem. It was very nicely done. The Dirty Blondes came on and rocked. They played without Eric, so it brought them back to a 5-piece with Becky and Diane Sullivan taking center stage. They rocked very hard, played the classics, Burn, Oh Dirty Blondes, Drunk, Hallelujah, and Sean Connery is James Bond. Great stuff.

Back to the other room for election returns. Wait, what’s that noise? Is a band about to go on?

Dino Bravo came out and played a killer heavy set of rock and roll. Loud, Fast Heavy, Fun. Thanks guys. Late in their set someone looked down and said the President had been re-elected. Matt asked if anyone could confirm. I buzzed into the other room, looked at the numbers, came back and said Obama 273. They played a couple more and wrapped up with the song about the Ocean.

Off to the other room to see how Obama did it. Wait, what’s that sound? Another rock band going on?

Back to the main room for the Cave BeesSteve Tremblay Rebekah Whitehurst along with Frank and Creston, played a stunningly brilliant set. It’s their last show for the year, as they are heading south for the winter. Way to send us off guys! Their set was fun, brilliant and everything you could ever hope for in a rock band. My ears are ringing and so is my heart.

Back to the other room to see how it happened. Wait, what’s that sound. Another band going on?

Shark Victim had Michael from Lendway on bass and Jess Mateik on drums. They were good, and fun and my body was tired and shutting down. I made it for as many songs as I could, then just had to leave. I got home, settled in just in time to see Obama’s acceptance speech. All in all, it was a pretty sweet evening. Thanks Dirty Blondes for putting it on! You rock!

This post was originally published by Tim Lewis at his personal blog, https://timstriangletribune.wordpress.com.