'Sound Proof' VT Music Photo Exhibit by Matthew Thorsen at Dylan's Cafe in St. Johnsbury

Wide Wail

45 images from 'Sound Proof,' an exhibit of black and white photography by Matthew Thorsen, the go-to photographer for Burlington-area bands during the 1990s, are exhibiting at Dylan's Cafe in St. Johnsbury through December 29. Thorsen took hundreds of portrait, newspaper and magazine photos, effectively chronicling the local music scene of the era. The photographs of Sound Proof were taken at a time when Thorsen was still working with film. He has since moved to a digital format and these chemical prints have become an artful reminder of a receding era and a valuable contribution to the historic record of Vermont’s musical heritage. Sound Proof is produced by Big Heavy World with Matthew Thorsen and presented by Seven Days, with generous support from Creative Habitat, the Vermont Arts Council and National Endowment for the Arts. Dylan's Cafe is located at 139 Eastern Avenue, St. Johnsbury, Vermont. Photo above: Wide Wail by Matthew Thorsen.

Troy Pudvah