Rocket Shop 9/5/2012: A2VT; Trapper Keeper; New Host Matt Gadouas

A2VT Words by Ben Nordstrom. Photos by Lily Chau.

Tonight, Rocket Shop was joined by two very talented groups: Africa to Vermont and Trapper Keeper.

The former group, also known as A2VT, is a collective of three rappers and singers, originally from Africa, that currently live in Burlington and Winooski. They’ve been together since 2008, and their new album, titled ‘Africa/Vermont,’ dropped earlier this year. Playing four songs on air, their infectious beats and heartfelt lyrics had people hooked. These tunes, recorded at the Old North End’s own Creamy Goodness Studios, included the city anthem “Winooski, My Town,” the inspirational “Lifting Up the World,” “Baby Girl,” a love song sung in multiple languages; and the single versed “Epilogue,” a song about the struggle of coming to America and starting anew.

A2VT are shooting a music video for “Winooski, My Town” this Sunday in the Winooski traffic circle, and the public is welcome to join (snacks will be served free). They are also playing Studio A on September 15th. Their CDs are available at Pure Pop and Barnes & Noble. Visit

Trapper Keeper

The latter group, Trapper Keeper, is a local pop punk trio, consisting of Alex on drums, Chris on bass, and Will on guitar and vocals. They were a blast to have in the studio (in addition to being very talented, they also all have a great sense of humor), and they played four songs on air. These included the self-titled songs "Wilson," "Alexander," and "Christopher," which make up the group’s EP ‘Names’ (their second album); and the aptly titled “Only Dicks Don’t Like Green Day,” which after some debate required Jim’s express permission to play on air. Visit

Trapper Keeper

Trapper Keeper