Fresh Vermont Music in Rotation on 105.9FM The Radiator This Week

Here's new music in automation at 105.9FM The Radiator (and streaming at this week: 3 AM,  'North Street' 5 Philpin,  'Demo' Aaron Flinn, 'Demo' Adam Reczek, 'Fork In The Road EP' Alejandro & Grupo Sabor, 'El Resbaloso' Bill's Robot, ' Bill's Robot' Blinded By Rage, 'Green Mountain Beatdown Vol.1' Dangerbird, 'Dangerbird' Eight 02, 'Eight 02' Fabian Rainville, 'Autumn Leaves Solo', 'Blackholesun', 'How Insensitive Solo' Flat Top Trio, 'Weekend Musician' Head Of Trees, '591 (Something) Jane Boxall, 'Pyramid EP' Jeff Sampson, 'Floating World' Nuda Veritas, 'Verses Of Verses' Powell & Thyng, 'July 18th', 'See You Soon', 'Sin Tax', 'When I Am King' The Ryan Fauber Band 'Live At Radio Bean 11_18_07' Sambatucada, 'Ile Aye', 'Rio', 'Samba Reggae', 'Switchback Samba- Partido Alto' The Samples 'Return To Earth' Shauna Antonius Trio, The- 'The Dream's On Me' Tim Brick, 'Free To Run' Toni Catlin, 'Uncovered' Torpedo Rodeo, 'Vs. Sharktopus' Valerie Masters, 'Live' Visionary And The Tribe, 'Demo' Vitals, 'The Legend That Was Earth' VMLS, 'VMLS Project' Waylon Speed, 'HorseShoes & Hand Grenades' Wing Walker, 'What Would The Neighbors Think?'