New Vermont Music in Rotation at 105.9FM The Radiator

Here's some of the Vermont-made music added to rotation at WOMM-LP 105.9FM The Radiator in the past few weeks: 3 Trees, '3 Trees' All Alive, 'All Alive' Flat Stanley, 'Demo' Flat Top Trio, 'Weekend Musician' Fragile Zoe, 'Frame Problem' Full Circle, 'Demo' Funk Wagon, 'Demo' Gang Of Thieves, 'Riddle' Good Ol' Boys, 'The Opry #1', 'The Opry #2', '6th Annual Banjo Festival', 'Castleton, VT', Gool Ol' Boys_Dillards, '6th Annual Banjo Festival', 'Castleton, VT' Grace Potter, 'Original Soul' Grant Black, 'Babylon' Graves, 'Promise Me You Won't Open This Until I'm Gone' Judson Kimble, 'Beginnings', 'Seasons' Kimberly Arnold, 'Rivers From Raindrops' Last October, 'Last October' Linda Bassick, 'TIckle Belly' Michele Fay Band, 'Michele Fay Band', 'Endless Sky' Patricia Julien Project, 'Glee', 'Still Live At Night' Patti Casey, 'The Heart Of a Waiting Boy' Peter Merrigan, 'A New Day - With Old Friends' Robin Gottfried, 'Images And Rhymes' Slide G.G. Slide, 'Slide G.G. Slide' Eye Oh You, Demo Va-Et-Vient, 'Porte Ouverte' WAR- 'Demo' Waves Of Adrenaline, 'Off On A Wild Adventure' 3 AM, 'North Street' Sambatucada, 'Live At First Night' Steph Pappas Experience Swing Peepers, 'Kitchen Dance' T. Namaya, 'Vermont My Home A Celebration'