Vaporizer's Brutal Tour of Favorite Venues... With HEAVY2

Vaporizer Words and photo by Vaporizer.

"Vaporizer recently played a long weekend of shows around New England. Big Heavy World let us use their 15 passenger van for the duration of the trip, for which we are eternally grateful. In "the old days" Vaporizer would tour with the band and all our gear jam-packed into the belly of a Honda Odyssey. Needless to say, the luxury of a spacious 15 passenger vehicle was not lost on us.

Our first night was in Worcester, MA. To those who don't know, Worcester is the home of the largest TableTalk Pie factory in the universe. The whole town smells like sweet sweet apple pie [among other things]. We played at Ralph's Diner, one of our favorite clubs. The venue is nestled back in the bowels of an industrial area of town. There is an eatery on the first of two floors. The sole cook always makes sure to insult everyone equally and brutally. The stage is upstairs, where there is also a bar with a neon sign that reads "time to fuck." This is a dead give-away that you are in the very room where god coined the term, "we're gonna need a bigger boat."

Radio Bar in Boston was next. Luckily the drive from Worcester to Boston is less than 30 seconds [perhaps the fumes were getting to me]. From the outside, Radio Bar looks like a place you might hide if you suddenly found yourself in Dresden circa February 14th, 1945. Who could have ever possibly predicted that this shitty facade would house THE BEST sound man and PA that Vaporizer has ever played through. It was nothing short of amazing... same goes for the bands that played with us. Go check out Summoner, awesome stoner doom.

The drive to Brooklyn, NY was warm, to say the least. The show was in a second floor art space/loft. Super-high ceilings and lots of mirrors in strange places. The party that followed was fairly outrageous and ended with Vern locking himself out of the building and sleeping on the street. High-fives all around. P.S. - Dear Brooklyn, never have I ever had the option of purchasing bulk quantities of socks on the street, via travelling sock-salesman. Thank you for enriching my life.

We made the six hour trek back to Burlington, VT without any major disruptions... only saw one naked man at a rest stop. So yeah, hell of a time. Thanks Big Heavy World for hooking us up. Can't wait to play your fundraiser show on 8/23 @ the Monkey House. Over and out, Vaporizer"