Rocket Shop 8/1/2012: Last October; Jessica Prouty Band; Ground Zero

Last October  

Last October: Words by Suzanne Friedman. Photo by Samantha Donelly.

First on Rocket Shop tonight was Last October, a dynamic acoustic duo, with bubbly positive energy. They were super friendly and happy to be on the Radiator. Discussions with host, Sam, included talk of the summer Olympics as well as Last October’s favorite place that they have toured thus far. The duo played for the entire town of Blue Rapids, Kansas where the hospitality and great appreciation of music made them “feel like rockstars.”

Last October’s set on Rocket Shop consisted of “Down This Road,” an original song with a great tone due to the combination of deeper male vocals from James Kinne and soothing female vocals from Erica Stroem. The simplicity of just an acoustic guitar and vocals is really captivating and the pure talent is easy to appreciate. The other two songs played tonight were “Work In Progress” which showed of the talent of guitarist, James Kinne, and “All You Do,” a slower song that had impressive, powerful, and crisp vocals. Currently, Last October is in the process of writing new music and enjoying promoting what they have thus far. You can see Last October live at the Maritime Festival Sunday August 12th at 4:30pm. More information as well as music can be found on facebook, itune,, and www.reverbnation/lastoctober

Jessica Prouty Band

Jessica Prouty Band: Words by Ben Nordstrom. Photo by Lily Chau.

Tonight Rocket Shop was visited by the Jessica Prouty Band. Just setting off on an August tour across the state, this fantastically talented ensemble has been together for five years. Each band member is influenced by different styles of music, and writing as a team their influences are combined: Powerful female vocals, heavily distorted guitar, meticulous drumming and synth riffs come together to form a polished, heavy sound reminiscent of classic 80s metal. They performed a couple acoustic versions of tracks in-studio, which had a softer, more emotionally driven feel to them. The Jessica Prouty Band is writing a new EP, to be released next year, and they’re playing Higher Ground on August 15th. Check them out at

Ground Zero

Ground Zero: Words by Ben Nordtrom. Photo by Lily Chau.

The third and final group to perform on Rocket Shop was Ground Zero. Ground Zero is a local hardcore band, playing very technical and meticulous death metal. One thing that stood out was the guttural vocals and pigsqueals, which the lead singer demonstrated in the studio with a bloodcurdling scream of “BURLINGTOOOOOOOOOON.” Their debut EP, ‘Trustfall’, is coming out August 3rd, with a release party on the 4th. Brutal. Find them on Facebook,