Vedora At Higher Ground July 18, 2012 With Deja Brew

Words by Tim Lewis.

After a week of lots of music and getting over tired and sick, I really wanted a nice relaxing Wednesday, which is Saturday, in my world. Vedora were set to play Higher Ground’s Northern Exposure series that night, so I bought a $6 ticket from Caroline and planned to go to the show. She gave me an extra, so I asked Nathan if he wanted to go. He worked until 8 and showtime was 8:30, so I left a message on his phone, taped a ticket to his door, and took the bus to Higher Ground. I got in and settled and did not have to wait long for Vedora to hit the stage. Dressed in white, they opened with that new one that slowly builds, completely rocks, then eases off. Cool! About halfway through Nathan showed up with Hillary.

The band picked it up for a nice rocker as the room slowly filled. Basalt Anchor followed, and was sounding good until the bass amp developed problems. They fought their way through it and got it working for the next couple of rockers. They were sounding good again and announced Dragnet. After starting it, there were more problems. They abandoned it and moved on to something the bass would let them play. Terrarium sounded very sweet an powerful. They wrapped up the set in rocking style and called it a night. It was a bit of a rough show, but their perseverance paid off, and they ended the night with a very impressed audience.

We stayed for a couple of songs by Deja Brew. Their funk wasn’t overly original or played overly fiercely, so it did not grab me. I would have been ok leaving earlier, but the only way you will ever know what a band is like is to listen. I wasn’t rewarded, but am happy I gave them a chance.

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