Dino Bravo At The Monkey House June 19, 2012

Words by Tim Lewis.

I had fun at Dino Bravo’s first show Sunday at the Monkey House. They played around with a few different styles and made it all sound like them. Song two started with a nice melody and slipped into metal riff. It wasn’t quite as prog as Elephants of Scotland, but pushed the envelope.

One song had some serious slap bass. Winooski Girls had a nice Beach Boysish harmony. I wonder if they change the title depending on where they are playing.

The band was pretty solid, but it was the first night. They will likely tighten up as they get going.

Chris played a very subtle lead guitar that at times took a song and swung the direction. It was pretty fun and will be more fun in the future. The band grabs the straight up rock of Party Star, the adventurous spirit of Lobot, and the punch of Made in Iron.

Jangover came on second. They seemed a very tight quartet of funkified Grateful Dead. They were cool, but after a couple of songs it started to sound too much the same.

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