Rocket Shop 4/18/2012: Duane Carleton; Other Cities

Interview by Andy Bruhns.

Last week on Rocket Shop we had a great time talking to Duane Carleton about topics spanning from vinyl and album art, to The Band and locally grown Vermont music.  Duane, who hales from the Killington area, came in to talk about his new album ‘Rust’, which he dedicates to Vermont family farms. He says ‘Rust’ can be looked at two different ways; first as a collection of songs, each strong enough to stand alone, and second as a complete and cohesive “full album experience."

Talking about old record styles and techniques led to the topic of vinyl records, something everyone in the studio could chip in on and get excited about. “I miss vinyl, I miss album art” said Duane, “there’s a lot of cool things about vinyl.  Like you got stuff that came inside the album, and it was also piece of artwork. It’s hard to get the same effect on a CD cover”.

It was clear that Duane was full of great stories from the road and accounts with famous music heroes. Before we knew what happened out time was up, but we hope he returns soon (and brings his 1963 Fender Stratocaster).

Until then you can go see Duane and his band The Backwoods Messiahs play an acoustic show at South Station in Rutland, Vermont, on May 5th. Also on his website at

The Rocket Shop playlist: Duane Carleton, “In a Nowhere Town” Duane Carleton, “Leaving Despair” featuring Laura Molinelli Duane Carleton, “Take Me to Chelsea” featuring Garth Hudson (of The Band) Rocket Shop playlists are logged with RadioActivity.