Steph Pappas to Play Heavyfest May 19 at Magic Hat

Words by Sarah Frazier. Photo by Bethany M. Dunbar.

May 19th, The Steph Pappas Experience joins the extensive lineup of the 2nd annual Heavyfest concert at Magic Hat’s Artifactory, in celebration of - and benefit for - Big Heavy World. Gaining a substantial following through both her band’s indie folk-blues sound and Steph Pappas' own colossal onstage presence, the appearance is sure to draw a crowd.

Gifted both lyrically and experience-wise, Steph and the Steph Pappas Experience can jam with the best of them, with a mix of acoustic, electric guitar, harmonics, and a voice to howl the blues. When Steph Pappas alternative sound found an ally in Jim Lockridge of Big Heavy World, a friendship followed. As a personal fan, the Steph Pappas Experience was thrilled to have a part in this year’s Heavyfest, finding Big Heavy World to be, “an empire between artist and community,” and a perfect outlet for youth and others alike to get hands-on learning experience through various musical projects.

A self-described blues/punk band, Steph is inspired often by the Vermont landscape. In fact, a key facet of her act comes from her own Vermont experience. “While hiking I found a spot to make my voice echo. Then I tried to yodel. Soon I incorporated yodel’n at my shows.” And she’s been yodeling ever since.

Steph tells me while blues/punk is their normal M.O., fans can expect a more heavy sound in songs such as "Energy," which will be on the Heavyfest compilation CD. “[I] thought that song best fits with what Heavyfest has been musically known to be about, so it’s alil' heavier sound w/ a rap twist, Pappas Style.” However, besides their Heavyfest presence fans can look forward to the Steph Pappas Experience on their 'Who’s Yer Cowboy' tour starting this May, and participating in an eight-jam-session filming called 'What’s Happening at Vibesville!' On the solo side, Steph is also jumping into the studio to lay down harmonics and a duet with other acts, as a well as preparing to release her own recordings.

With a killer onstage presence, and Vermont-inspired lyrical yodeling, how can you go wrong? Watch the Steph Pappas Experience and the rest of the Heavyfest lineup this May 19th at the Magic Hat Brewery in South Burlington and support the efforts of the nonprofit, volunteer-run Big Heavy, and the acts that make their job worthwhile.