Rocket Shop 4/11/2012: Flowting Bridge

Words by Andy Bruhns. Photo by Kendra Merrill.

Flowting Bridge paid their first visit to the Radiator to share a few tracks off their new demo and talk about their summer music plans. Hailing from Brookfield, Vermont (home of the Flowting Bridge) the band members went to high school together, and have been playing for over 11 years. The band sounds tight. We listened to “Joe," which gave off serious Allman Brothers vibes, and “Rush’n”, a thinly veiled nod to the complicated style of Rush. “You can do things with just a nod or a look” said guitarist AJ Walker when we got talking about playing with the same musicians for a long time.

The band will be playing at Northern Exposure at Higher Ground on June 6th, and is looking to get back into the studio in the near future. For now they help stay tight and continue to develop new material by taping their weekly rehearsals. The band studies these tapes, and uses the recordings to develop new material, and it’s not uncommon to find these guys in the middle of a song writing/building party with a bunch of friends and acoustic guitars. There is one place that seems to distract Flowting Bridge from their music however, and that’s the disc-golf course.

Check out Flowting Bridge at Northern Exposure on June 6th, and on their Facebook page at:

The Rocket Shop playlist: Flowting Bridge, “Joe” Flowting Bridge, “Rush’n” Flowting Bridge, “Up the Mountain” Flowting Bridge, “Walkin’" Rocket Shop playlists are logged with RadioActivity.