Tommy Alexander on the Taz Michaels Show

Words by Skyler Lendway. Photo by Kendra Merrill.

The Taz Michaels Show was visited last night by Tommy Alexander, a self-described “basement soul” musician who has made Burlington his home. When Taz and Tommy weren't reminiscing about Tommy's time playing baseball in school, Tommy was laying down casual acoustic jams charged with lyrical power. His guitar produced the sort of satisfying melancholy that is natural for the acoustic medium, while Tommy crooned his lyrics in a voice not unlike singer Conor Oberst of Bright Eyes. When asked about his transition to music, Tommy described it as a huge relief. “It had better hours for me, and I really like being alive during that time of night,” Tommy explained. “It's more sustainable for me.”

However, Tommy Alexander is not simply another troubadour wandering the streets of Burlington. He is also the founder of Jenke Records, a label which exists as an open source artists collective for local groups. While Tommy admitted to having done a good amount of booking for the organization, he told us that for the most part that he lets bands have their own say. “I don't really like deciding what good and bad is. I have my own tastes.” Jenke has been officially for about 6 months now. Their most current release – and 4th album release of the year – is Tommy Alexander's new EP, 'Quiet Lion.' For any fans of suggested donation purchases – or, you know, good mellow music – Tommy is selling Quiet Lion on his Bandcamp page for $1 or more.

If you didn't manage to catch any of Tommy's music during the show, fear not. He'll be all over Burlington this weekend, playing at the Half Lounge on Thursday (4/12 @ 7pm), Speaking Volumes on Friday (4/13 @ 8pm) and Manhattan Pizza on Saturday (4/14 @ 9:30pm).

For more information about Tommy Alexander and his music check him out at both Bandcamp and Reverbnation.

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