Steve Hartmann on the Taz Michaels Show

Words by John Howland. Photo by Lily Chau.

This past week, excitement and positive energy filled the room when Steve Hartmann stopped by to hang out with Taz and Shannon on this Tuesday’s installment of the Tazday Twilight Blues. The Burlington-based singer-songwriter stopped in to play us a few of his tunes as well as spread the word about what he’s got in the works these days. Despite the full time job and the birth of his firstborn, Steve still finds the time to push his music career further. “Sometimes I fade into my own little world and I forget people are watching,” Hartmann said about his performance experiences and Tuesday night was no different as he sat down with his acoustic guitar and played a captivating rendition of Leonard Cohen’s "Hallelujah" as well as heartwarming debut of his new title track, "Waking Up the Echoes."

Yeah, that’s right, I said title track; Steve has been performing live since he was 18 and has a few live recordings out, but is now sitting down to record his first full length solo album, 'Waking Up the Echoes.' Hoping to be released at First Night in Burlington, on New Year's Eve 2013, Hartmann has teamed up with local producer Kyle Rose and KTR Records on Pine Street in Burlington to record anywhere between 12 and 16 songs that are sure to be packed with charging guitar movements and heart-tugging vocals. Cash never seems to be a musician’s familiar friend, so, Hartmann has signed up with to fund the album and is surpassing his goals. Despite hitting his mark, Steve mentioned he would love to bring some other artists into the process stating, “the more donations, the better the album.” To learn more about Kickstarter, or to donate to Steve’s album, check out

On top of it all, Hartmann’s got more. He has just recently started working with Chow! Bella, on Main Street in St. Albans, Vermont, to create a successful and welcoming open mic night for the restaurant. “I am one of the few musicians who is a big advocate for open mic nights,” Hartmann said as he mentioned, “it helps me hone my skills and network.” Despite his own agenda, Steve’s main goal in working with Chow! Bella is to create an atmosphere where the restaurant can attract well-versed acts to their stage, as well as make any and all newcomers feel welcome to take a seat behind the mic. Steve and Chow! Bella have only just begun to put on the event, but plan to host an open mic night every first Wednesday of the month. Sign-ups are at 6pm, music starts at 6:30pm.

Steve’s a busy man, but the highly talented singer-songwriter is hooked on the music and always has been — he’s a great example of what it’s all about. Be sure to keep an eye and an ear out for Steve as he can often be found playing at The Bee’s Knees, in Morrisville, as well as at his upcoming gig at Red Square (on Church Street in Burlington) on Friday, April 13, from 5-7.  To find out more about Steve Hartmann or to listen to his tunes check out: