Steph Pappas Experience on The Taz Michaels Show

Words by Skyler Lendway. Photo by James Lockridge.

The Taz Michaels Show was graced tonight by the presence of the Steph Pappas Experience. Accompanied by Ian Koller on drums, Tom Buckley on fretless bass, and Alyx Lyons on cajón and assorted percussion, Steph Pappas jammed right through the usual time limit with a little help from a guitar called Lonestar. It was hard to say how many song were performed last night; the entire set was improvised and with each passing fancy the genre moved from Cajun to Country and everywhere inbetween. Of most interest during the live session was Pappas' vocal accompaniment, which resonated with soul in a way that most nonsense syllables can't. When asked where she pulls inspiration for such a peculiar style, Pappas shrugged. “I play what I'm feeling at the time.”

Fresh from her VT USA Tour, Pappas has been working full-time on her music for just over a year now. She spoke fondly of her time on the road, both across Vermont and elsewhere. “Sure, I'm skimping it together,” she admitted, “but I have a lot of fun doing it. I chose to take this path.” She made a point of mentioning the good friends she made in small venues, and the help she had received. “We're all doing it together,” she told Taz.

Looking ahead, Pappas plans to leap on any opportunity to expand the fanbase. Next week she's headed off to the SXSW festival in Austin, TX. Not to play, but to be there in case they need someone to fill in. She also admitted to having a couple of new albums in the works. However when asked about them, she simply smiled. “I've got secrets.” To find out more, visit