Julia Beerworth Sisters on The Taz Michaels Show

Words by John Howland. Photo by Lily Chau.

The wonderful Julia Beerworth dropped in on the second hour of the Taz Michaels show this week to hang out with Taz and Shannon, play a few tunes for us and tell us what she and the Beerworth Sisters have been up to lately. The singer-songwriter whose crisp and playful voice stands firmly alongside those of her influences such as Jill Andrews and Brandi Carlile, had a lot to say about the influence their family connection has on their music.

Anna Beerworth, the second sister in the Beerworth Sisters, is in fact Julia’s sister in-law. The two got started playing together at various family functions and from there, their earthy, acoustic, folk rock duo was formed. Julia shared that playing with family is a huge part of the Beerworth Sisters' sound; it makes the connection to the music and the quality of their sound that much more powerful. “She is really my best friend,” Julia said when talking about Anna; then commenting that “getting advice from family isn’t always what you want to hear, but it’s always honest.” The love and honesty they have for one another and their music encompasses their sweet and catchy sound. Listening to Julia perform in studio, at the Radiator, was like getting to sit beside Mary Ramsey of the 10,000 Maniacs while she performs an acoustic version of "These Are Days."

Although Julia and Anna are both busy teaching full time, they still find time to write, play and create music together and are currently working on their newest project. This time around, the Beerworth Sisters are sitting down with some of their older songs to see how they can polish and reinvent their beloved tunes. The duo, accompanied by a host of talented friends, are working on their newest album with award-winning artist and producer Colin McCaffrey of Montpellier, Vermont. The group will be laying down tracks they wrote together such as "Simple Things," a possible title track. Although various components of the project are still being worked out, Julia expressed that they hope to release their new album as the nice weather moves into Burlington for the 2012 summer.

Aside from playing in their classrooms on a daily basis, Julia let us in on their next show, which will be at the Radio Bean, in downtown Burlington, on Saturday, March 31 at 7PM.

For more information and recorded tracks from Julia and the Beerworth Sisters check out their sites at:

http://www.myspace.com/juliabeerworth http://www.reverbnation.com/thebeerworthsisters