The Smittens At Radio Bean, Valentines Day, 2012

Words by Tim Lewis.

It was my Friday, your Tuesday, and I wanted some music.  The Smittens were set to play at Radio Bean at 8:30, and I had to work until 7:30.  That made it pretty easy.  I got home, ate a bit of dinner, contemplated not going, and finally, about quarter of 9, got my self out the door.

The coffee house was half full, so it was easy to get to the bar and get a drink.  The Smittens were set up onstage and Joe Adler was tweaking the sound.  The electric and acoustic guitar playing shone brilliantly as the first song began.    Their music is breezy indie-pop, with huge amounts of changes in the songs.  They get going on a riff, find a way to change it up, then drop it into a super-sweet chorus.  The bass and drums keep the songs surging into a happy place.

I’ve always respected the Smittens, but have never been smitten by them.  Oh sure, everything about them is very good, and Dana’s voice is really nice, but until lately they have never taken me over the top.  I don’t know it it’s something they have done over the years, as their songwriting has evolved, or if I’m mellowing in my old age.  But, seeing them recently, and then again Tuesday night, has changed my mind about them.  Their indie rock has enough oomph to get me going.  The songs, the hooks, and the wonderful playing, kept me going.  I used to feel like if they were on the bill, they would be ok to see.  I now feel it’s worth making the trip to see them.  I gave them a chance Tuesday night, and they brought the rock, and I couldn’t be happier.

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