Rocket Shop 1/11/12: Bangdust

bangdust Words by Nick Kramer Photo by Yeshua Hill.

This week on Rocket Shop, the boys from Bangdust dropped into the Radiator to share some folk-rocking tunes. A great time was had by all. In fact, Bangdust hit it off so well with Sam and the Big Heavy crew, that lead vocalist Johnny Azer raved, "we insist that we would play for free for you guys to help your cause any time." Stronger endorsement of Big Heavy's aims for the Vermont music community would be hard to come by.

Over the course of the hour Azer, guitarist Adam Wright, and bass player Sean Thompson played a wide selection of Bangdust tracks as well as some covers. All of their songs showcase their close connection, and the electricity at work between these three long-time friends. Explains Azer, "Adam and I were best friends since 2002 when we lived in Rutland," while, "Sean Thompson who was my best friend in Rutland in the ‘80s taught me major and minor chords on the piano." Clearly, the bonds between these three veteran musicians are strong, and it comes through in their playing.

According to Azer, that same closeness is most alive in their song-writing, which, he claims, "is totally democratic. We operate as a team, and all input is suggested." For Bangdust, making music means teaching each other, and feeding off each member's creative force. Not only are they able to write songs through true collaboration, but, as Azer points out, the band seems to somehow always end up on the same wavelength. Azer tells Big Heavy, "Believe it or not, when Sean picks a cover or Adam such as the Beatles' "Rain", or Traffic's "Empty Pages" it turns out to be my favorite song by that band too."

While Bangdust do not have a permanent home on the web as yet, Azer assures Big Heavy that a Facebook page is in the works, as well as a band page on As far as gigs go, Bangdust have a whole slew of plans in motion. Although Azer pledges that he would first and foremost like to do a show benefiting Big Heavy World, he also submits that the band, "would like to play the fine clubs in Burlington," and that, "We hope get at least one gig at UVM before the spring semester is out." With soaring vocals, veteran song-craft, and a deep appreciation for music, Bangdust have a lot to recommend them, and fans can look to their local listings for shows soon to be scheduled.

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