New DJ Thomas Fuller To Bring Hip Hop to the Radiator!


Words by Sarah Frazier.

Thomas Fuller joins the Radiator as a new DJ: Active in the exploration of the Hip Hop culture, Thomas has been pursuing the art of emceeing and music making. Writing music began as a form of poetry that quickly transitioned into free-styling. Finally put on the spot by his brother Adam, Thomas’ skills were put to the test. As Thomas tells me, “Out of nowhere he passed me the invisible Mic as some call it, and I made my first attempt at it. The rest is kind of history.” You can tell Thomas’ passion towards the art form.

Calling his show “MIC Check 1”, Thomas got involved with Big Heavy World a month or two ago when checking it out with some of his friends. “It sounded like a cool spot to check out, so I figured why not.” Having only lived in Burlington a few months, Thomas had an immediate attraction to the Burlington music scene, and the people that came along with it as he tells me: “Personally knowing good, well respected artists in and around Burlington has been enjoyable and is key to what I’ve been doing.” Thomas himself can find shelter in almost any genre of music, which helps him as both a DJ and MC.

Currently in Burlington College studying law, music still remains Thomas’ biggest passion. A competitive person by nature, hosting competitions and performing his own music allows Thomas to continue using his creative outlet. For Thomas, his favorite part about Emceeing is “wowing the crowd with what I have, a freestyle, or written verse or battling someone. All of that is fun to me and keeps me sharp as a thinker and a poet. It lets me express myself and communicate creatively in a way that is very unique but also all encompassing.” Your passion is welcomed here at Big Heavy Thomas. Look for MC A.BAR.IS.T on his show “MIC Check 1” on the Radiator!