Kathryn Rundle Joins Big Heavy Team


Words by Sarah Frazier. Photo by Samantha Donnelly.

Kate Rundle has hopped on the Big Heavy bus: A second generation Vermonter, Kate is a senior at Essex High School. In her free time she slaves away at a bagel shop for “college students trying to nurse their hangovers and cranky senior citizens getting out of church.” Besides being quite hilarious - yes Kate, you had me laughing - she is also an avid lover of music and Vermont, so naturally, Big Heavy was destined for her future. Loving the idea of supporting Vermont music through volunteer work, Kate was eager to jump on. Concerning her own musical interests, Kate tells me, “My musical tastes are about as scattered as my thoughts.” A lover of indie folk, Kate enjoys some tunes such as Bon Iver and The Tallest Man on Earth. While, on the flipside of that, Kate admits that she couldn’t quite make it without some Atmosphere or Notorious B.I.G. Nothing wrong with variety!

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