Frank Lenti Joins BHW Crew


Words by Sarah Frazier. Photo by Samantha Donnelly.

Frank Lenti got involved with Big Heavy World through VocRehab, VT. A graduate of UVM in 2000 with a degree in Sociology, Frank enjoys being involved with the community. Seeing a great opportunity to volunteer, Frank leapt at the chance, alongside Jason Gross. As he tells me, “I'm pumped to be able to help out at BHW. I've been hanging out with Jason and being somewhat of a life skills coach for him. So I’m looking forward working with him on jobs at BHW and also we are both looking forward to being able to help out on numerous projects independent of each other.” A lover of Burlington and music, Frank fits right in here. Into both local music such as Waylon Speed, The Move It Move It, heloise & The Savior Faire, Soulive, Ozomatli, etc., Frank also likes acts such as Radiohead, Pearl Jam, Neil Young and Calexico, and oldies like Led Zeppelin and the Talking Heads. However, when speaking about Frank himself, being a musician, he jokingly tells, “I'm not much of a music maker aside from being an avid whistler and a serious crooner in the shower.” Welcome to Big Heavy, Frank!

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