Split Tongue Crow At Red Square September 30, 2011

Words by Tim Lewis.

It’s a great night for music in Burlington. For those that like mellow, yet searing, early shows, come out to Red Square for Split Tongue Crow playing from 6pm to 8pm. For those who like it later and loud, punk masters Blue Button rock Radio Bean at 11pm.

Go Burlington music scene!!

Split Tongue Crow played a beautiful show at Red Square this evening. It was a perfect night for an outside show. Their slow songs were shimmering and the faster stuff really rocked. Beautifully blended voices danced over sturdy songs that seemed ready to explode at any moment. Most stayed intact, but a few songs really started to push it a bit. Whatever the last song they played was, it’s quickly becoming my favorite. It’s the same one they closed with at the GPN show. It really gets going in a very fun way.

They must have started at 6 and played until 8:15 or so, with no break. It was wonderful!!

Will the energy hold to head back downtown for Blue Button at the Radio Bean?

Split Tongue Crow thanks for comin out tim . we appreciate the support. how was the the bean show?

Tim – Loud and Fast!! I’m so tired, but yesterday was tons of fun!

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