Lonestar Chain, Cannon Fodder, And the Dwellers At the Monkey House September 4, 2011

Words by Tim Lewis.

Last night’s show at the Monkey House was a bit mellower than the previous three nights, but still sizzled. Even after an afternoon nap, I was really tired, but knowing what was waiting, brought all the strength I needed.

Lonestar Chain – I’m so much more used to hearing Burettes songs performed solo. Having Creston Lee on bass, Steve Hadeka on drums and Bill Mullins on lead guitar, really fills them out. Since it’s Burette, the songs have hooks galore and oddly haunting lyrics. Bill played lead guitar most of the night, and after one wicked solo, Buette referred to him as a national treasure. Abilene and Make Me See Stars were my highlights. Oh, and whatever they ended with. I did not recognize it, but it rocked!

Cannon Fodder were cool, but not as over the top as I hoped. They nicely played some mellow songs as a two guitar, bass, keys, drums 5-piece.

The Dwellers played a couple of country tunes wrapped around a mini, acoustic Cush set. Blue Light Shines and Last American Right stand out, but really, the whole show was note for note beautiful. Oh, and Caroline O’Connor plays bass now, too. Every step of effort was so worth it, to be in the room when their set was playing!

Kudos to Caroline O’Connor for her performance last night with the Dwellers. She sings, writes songs, plays sax, keys, guitar, and now bass. Is there anything she can’t do???

Wednesday Lisa & Ethan came over, so we bowled and played mini golf. Thursday the Cush opened with a staggering version of Telepathic Headdress, then continued to play a blinder. Friday I got to see Lendway jam hard for a bit. Saturday Ninja Custodian let loose a ripping Monkey Business, at the Monkey House, plus a couple more hours of killer tunes. Sunday Gabby opened soft and Burette rocked the close. Today I worked. Godot has left the building.

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