Lendway At Nectars September 2, 2011

Words by Tim Lewis.

Wanted to see Lendway last night, but am not a big Joshua Panda fan. It looked like it was Parmaga, then the Panda band then Lendway. I went late, hoping to miss most of Joshua. Parmaga went on first, then Lendway. I walked in, paid $5 at the door, walked to the front and rocked out for 5 or so songs and the set was done. I bought a disc and left. Would have loved to see Lendway’s whole set, but hey, think of all the drinks I didn’t buy. It was a really cheap evening.

Hmmm, Why I Wait. I think that will be my entry point for Lendway’s new album Giant Places. Nice song. I’m glad I was there for that one.

Everything rocked harder at the show, than on the disc

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