Elephants Of Scotland At The Monkey House August 27, 2011

Words by Tim Lewis.

Elephants of Scotland tore it up last night!! That show was a thing of beauty!! They wrapped it up around 1am and I was blisteringly tired, but was not going to move an inch until the last note! Thanks soooo much guys!

Opener Lefty and the Leftouts had a fun set to open. He opened with a spider fingered Spirit of Radio then kicked out a sweet Where the Streets Have No Name. He mixed it up, one Rush song, then something else, then another Rush song. Silent Lucidity was pretty sweet. So was Red Barchetta! It’s really just one guy. He stands up on stage and says I’m lefty, gestures to the empty stage, and these are the left outs. He has the bass drums and keys on the laptop and plays guitar and sings over them.

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