Taz Michaels Show 8/16/2011: Max Weaver & Brett Lenier

taz8-16-2011 Words by John Powell. Photo by Brianna Christenson.

Neither Max Weaver nor Brett Lenier were born in Vermont, but they came here in their early twenties to play music, and so far so good. Brett is originally from Western Massachusetts and Max is from Pennsylvania, but their music is steeped in country folk. Max went to school and followed a friend up here, and made his way to Morrisville, where he lives. “I think I’ve met the right group of people,” he says of locating his music community. Clearly his travels and friends have helped him develop a strong voice and interesting songwriting style.

Brett is most well known for both playing in the Joshua Panda Band and also playing with Brett Hughes at Honky Tonk Tuesdays at Radio Bean. “I left [Vermont] a couple of times,” he laughs, “but I keep coming back.” He’s a born dobro/slide guitar player. “He really fills in the melodies,” Max says of his friend and writing partner. Max plays acoustic guitar and sings songs like, “Takin’ My Moonshine Away”. The songs are timeless in nature.

Brett is hitting the road- or rather the plane- soon, shipping out with Joshua Panda to tour Germany with the help of Klaus von Jan, who was also recently on the Taz Michaels Show: Wednesday Humpday Blues with Lisa-Marie Fischer.

Max is playing around Vermont solo and with groups. It seems these boys are everywhere, playing music. Yep, so far so good.