New Crewdude: Derek "Big D" Poulin

derek-poulin Photo by Sam Donnelly.

Big Heavy World welcomes one of our newest volunteers, Big D (aka Derek Poulin). Derek got into the Big Heavy World helping out with community service projects and random tasks around the studio. Now he works every Tuesday and Wednesday from 4-10, helping with such tasks as recording set-up for live radio shows, organizing and shelving new music, or interviewing bands. D's interests include playing and watching sports, not school, long-boarding, and of course chillin' the hardest. Coming soon, Derek will have his own radio show entitled "Hangin' wit Big D". He says he will playing a mix of hip-hop and classic rock, with a little bit of comedy sprinkled in from time to time. So listen in for some flows, jams, and laughs. More on Big D's show to come.